We hope you enjoy Monument Valley Park, but please follow CDC guidance when using the park to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus by most importantly staying home if you feel sick, wearing a mask if you are not fully vaccinated, maintaining a safe distance of six feet between yourself and other groups, and practicing effective personal hygiene.
Stay healthy and safe! 

The Friends of Monument Valley Park is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement and improvement of the natural and cultural environment in the Park.  Our Friends group was formed in 2000 and encourages membership for anyone interested in the Park.

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Friends of Monument Valley Park
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Colorado Springs, CO

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Our Stonework Repair Projects

On Februa​ry 1, 2019,  we were thrilled to be awarded a $135,625 grant from the State Historical Fund to repair the overlooks, bridges, and stairs at the Geologic Column complex as well as to provide erosion control measures.   As of  October 31, 2020, all of the repair work was complete.   Structural cracks were fixed and missing stones replaced in the overlooks and bridges, a section of  each of the overlook's walls were rebuilt, the stairs' stone pavers were repaired, and water was directed away from all the features.  We also repaired the structural cracks and replaced the missing stones in the 1938 Serpentine wall, a curving decorative wall built by the WPA.  In addition, the stone pavers at the Columbia Street Entrance were reset and leveled on the upper landing where the pavers have been impacted by erosion and displacement.  The grant payouts will be by completed by June 4, 2021.

​With funds raised in past Give! Campaigns and with grant funds awarded to us by the State Historical Fund, we have repaired numerous historic stone features in the Park.  In additon to the Geologic Column Complex, we have repaired the 400-foot long Columbia Street Entrance, the Serpentine Wall and the Culebra Avenue Overlook.



We are thrilled to have been selected to participate in the 2022 Give! Campaign. The Campaign will run from November 1st to December 31st.  Give! is a year-end multimedia and marketing campaign designed to generate funds, volunteers, and publicity for the important work that local nonprofits (like us!) perform.  

The funds raised in our 2022 Give! Campaign will go primarily toward the repair and preservation of the historic stonework in Monument Valley Park.  Past Give! Campaign funds and State Historical Fund grants enabled us to  repair significant stone features in the park.  Our most recent project was the repair of the c. 1917 Willamette Avenue Entrance completed during June 2021.  This stone entry has a street level, formal stone entry connected by a path to an informal stone entry at the park level.  Both levels display a high level of crafsmanship with beaded mortar and decorative stonework.  In October 2020, we completed the repair of the overlooks, stairs and bridges at the Geologic Column, the retaining walls of the Serpentine Wall and the floor of the upper landing of the Columbia Street Entrance.  ​Past Give! Campaign funds and State Historical Fund grants enabled us to repair the deteriorating retaining walls at the Geologic Column and the Columbia Street Entrance.  

This fall we plan to use funds raised in previous campaigns to repair historic stone features in the northern and southern halves of the park, including a WPA bridge in the norhtern half of the park and the Tahama Spring retaining wall in the southern half of the park.  We plan to use the funds raised in our 2022 Campaign for historic features found in the southern half of the park, such as the baseball stadium and the Bijou Street Entryway.

​A special thanks to our Matching Grant Sponsors:   Beckony Kitchens & Baths, The Bloom Foundation, Bob McGrath Construction LLC, Central Bancorp/Tim & Sherry Coutts, Cheers Liquor Mart, Frier Planning Concepts, Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation, Good Earth Garden Center, Groninger Concrete  & Landscaping, Lots A Liquor, Old North End Neighborhood, and Olson Plumbing & Heating Co.

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Monument Valley Park Throughout the Seasons


With cooling weather, fall's colors emerge in the park.  Our fall tree walk is the perfect time to enjoy the brilliant colors.


2022 GIVE! Campaign

2023 ​Annual Meeting

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Tuesday, February 7th
7:00 - 8:30 PM
The First Lutheran Church
1515 N. Cascade Avenue
Fellowship Hall (Church Basement)

Easiest way to enter the church is from the alley and use the stairs or elevator to get to the basement level

Pleae RSVP at info@fmvp.net

Meet Britt Haley, the New Director of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Services

Britt Haley: Guest Speaker
Monument Valley Park Update 2023


Summer is the busiest time for the park.  FMVP's main event during the summer is Musical Mondays in July in the Park.

From our bird and wildflower walks, to our spring cleanups, Monument Valley Park is perfect for an active spring.


Come out and enjoy a snowy day in the park. Don't miss our annual meeting in February.