About the Friends of Monument Valley Park

The Friends of Monument Valley Park is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the open spaces, historic structures, sites, monuments, vegetation and natural environment in Monument Valley Park located near downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The Friends of Monument Valley Park was formed in 2000 and has a thirteen member Board of Directors and approximately 260 general members.

For the past five years, our main project has been the repair and preservation of the historic stonework in Monument Valley Park.  The park contains approximately 40 historic stone features, some of which, including the remarkable Geologic Column, date back to the park's opening in 1907.   Additional stone structures, including entryways, retaining walls, bridges, overlooks, benches, and stairs, were added to the park over the next 35 years.  The most prolific era of building followed the 1935 Memorial Day Flood that damaged major portions of Monument Valley Park.   After the flood, Works Progress Administration (WPA) workers came to Monument Valley Park to widen the creek bed and build stone structures with local stone.

During the past five years, we have repaired the Culebra Avenue Overlook, the Geologic Column's retaining walls and the 400-foot long Columbia Street Entrance with funds raised through our Give! Campaigns and grants awarded by the State Historical Fund.

In additon to our stonework repair projects, we sponsor many park activities throughout the year.  We hold a spring bird walk, a summer wildflower walk, and a fall tree walk.  We also sponsor musical concerts in the park on Monday evenings during the month of July.  In addition, we organize monthly clean-ups from April through October, and have been thrilled to have volunteers join us to pick up trash and cut back overgrown vegetation.  Our clean-ups have targeted areas of the park that are most in need of help.

We hope that you enjoy your time in Monument Valley Park, the jewel of the parks donated to the citizens of Colorado Springs by our City's founder, General William Jackson Palmer.  If you are interested in joining the Friends of Monument Valley Park, please click here.