Summer is the busiest time for the park.  FMVP's main event during the summer is Musical Mondays in July in the Park.

The Friends of Monument Valley Park is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement and improvement of the natural and cultural environment in the Park.  Our Friends group was formed in 2000 and encourages membership for anyone interested in the Park.

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Friends of Monument Valley Park
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2019 New State Historical Fund Grant Award

On Februa​ry 1, 2019,  we were thrilled to be awarded a $135,625 grant from the State Historical Fund to repair the overlooks, bridges, and stairs at the Geologic Column complex as well as to provide erosion control measures.   Structural cracks will be fixed and missing stones replaced in the overlooks and bridges, a section of the smaller overlook's wall will be rebuilt, the stair's stone pavers will be repaired, and water will be directed away from all the features.  In addition, we will repair the structural cracks and replace the missing stones in the 1938 Serpentine wall, a curving decorative wall built by the WPA.  We will also level and reset the pavers on the landing of the elaborate 1938 Columbia Street Entrance where the pavers have been ipacted by erosion and displacement.  The repair work will occur during the summer of 2020.

​With funds raised in past Give! Campaigns and with grant funds awarded to us by the State Historical Fund, we have repaired three historic stone features in the Park.  Our most recent accomplishment was the repair of the 400-foot long, Columbia Street Entrance.  In past years, we repaired the Geologic Column's retaining walls and the Culebra Avenue Overlook.

 2019 Musical Mondays Concerts  
      All Concerts Start at 7 pm   


​​​​​​July 8th – Tribe (Blues, Reggae and New Orleans R&B)
July 15th – One More Shot (Classic Rock, R&B and Country)
July 22nd –  The Wayne Wilkinson Trio (High Octane Jazz Guitar)
July 29th - Easy Morning Rebel (Rob and Deirdre from Woodshed Red)​​​


 Where:  Monument Valley Park (Lawn to the West of the Fine Arts Center)
Intersection of W. Cache La Poudre Street and Mesa Road

All concerts are free and open to the public. 

Canceled --July 13th Park Clean-Up

Unfortunately, the Clean-Up scheduled for Saturday, July 13th,

is canceled.

Please check back for details about our August 10th Clean-Up.

Monument Valley Park Throughout the Seasons

With cooling weather, fall's colors emerge in the park.  Our fall tree walk is the perfect time to enjoy the brilliant colors.



Come out and enjoy a snowy day in the park. Don't miss our annual meeting in February.

From our bird and wildflower walks, to our spring cleanups, Monument Valley Park is perfect for an active spring.


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